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How To Bill for And Justify Tobacco Treatment in Your Healthcare System (4/06/2022 webinar)

This one-hour webinar event to gain insights on billing practices for tobacco treatment services and strategies to advocate for a treatment program in your health system from a nationally-recognized expert.

Following the webinar, participants will be able to:

  • appropriately bill for behavioral health services for provision of tobacco treatment to patients,
  • present justification for a tobacco treatment program in their health system, and
  • understand the differences between revenue and value based programs.

The Tobacco Escape Hatch: Using the Patch and Other Nicotine Replacement Therapy Agents to Support Quitting (11/04/2021 webinar)

This 1-hour program will provide an overview of the five FDA-approved nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) medications and their efficacy in treating tobacco use and dependence. The use of combination NRT will also be discussed, as well as the role of pharmacists in prescribing these medications to help patients quit successfully.


Ask-Advise-Refer: Promoting tobacco cessation through referrals to GENOA pharmacists (training)*

This training was developed for community mental health centers (CMHCs) who have Genoa pharmacy locations at their agency sites, however any person may view the training.

By the end of the training, participants will be able to:
• Describe the U.S. tobacco use prevalence among persons with behavioral health conditions,
• Explain the Ask-Advise-Refer (AAR) intervention model and describe the benefits of using AAR, and
• Describe the process of referring patients who are ready to quit to Genoa pharmacists for treatment of tobacco use and dependence.

*Free CME/CEUs available from 9/28/2021 – 9/28/2022

Navigating the Billing Waters of Tobacco Use Treatment (4/13/2021 webinar)

Most health care providers ask their patients about tobacco use and document the status into their electronic health record, however few bill for tobacco cessation services.  While the majority of people who use tobacco want to quit, most will try to quit multiple times before succeeding.  Providers in a variety of settings play a critical role in helping patients to quit successfully, especially those who treat patients with behavioral health conditions.  An important component of integrating tobacco use treatment into these settings, is ensuring that providers are compensated, which can be confusing and challenging at times.



People living with mental illness or substance use disorders (i.e. behavioral health conditions) have disproportionately higher rates of tobacco use than the general population. As a result, they also have higher rates of tobacco-related morbidity and mortality. To address these disparities, behavioral health providers must actively provide tobacco treatment and promote cessation among clients.

This one-hour video will review the 5A’s of tobacco treatment, an evidence-based treatment model for working with tobacco dependent clients. Specific behavioral treatment strategies will be discussed, including ways to motivate clients who may be hesitant to quit and key issues to address when providing counseling.


Navigating Medication Options for Smoking Cessation in Mental Health Settings (11/05/20 webinar)*

Quitting smoking can be difficult, but there are proven treatments and strategies to help people quit successfully! Although a majority of cigarette smokers make a quit attempt each year, fewer than one third use cessation medications approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or behavioral counseling to support quit attempts.

*Free CME/CEUs available from 6/01/2021 – 6/01/2022


Vaping: What it is and How Healthcare Providers and Communities Can Address the Epidemic (6/23/20 webinar)

As the tobacco product marketplace evolves, new products are emerging that deliver nicotine to users in different ways. These products include e-cigarettes/vapes such as JUUL or Puff Bars. In the United States, vaping has quickly become a public health epidemic, but what exactly is vaping and what makes it so popular?

During this webinar we will discuss vaping/e-cigarettes, what these products look like and the ingredients found in e-liquids. We’ll review the prevalence of use among adults and youth and how these products impact Hoosier health. At the end of the webinar, we’ll share strategies and resources available to help people quit.


Tobacco Treatment: An Overview of Cessation Services for Older Adults and Indiana Medicaid Members (4/29/20 webinar)

The impact of tobacco use in Indiana is staggering, costing Hoosiers 11,100 lives each year. About 1 in 5 Hoosier adults (21.1%) were current smokers in 2018. In particular, the smoking rates were HIGHEST among adults with lower education, lower income, uninsured, and those with poor mental health status. Smoking is particularly dangerous for the elderly, who are already at heightened risk for various health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory conditions, and cancer. Despite the lowered rate of smoking among older adults, the aging of the baby boomers will surely spike the total number of older adults who smoke and are in need of tobacco cessation services in the years to come.

Join us, as we learn about the specific tobacco cessation services offered through the Medicare program and the Indiana Medicaid program, including an overview of coverage benefits, limitations, HCPCS/CPT codes for billing, and frequently asked questions that often arise when trying to effectively connect patients to these services.


When the Vapor Clears

Electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), more commonly referred to as electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) or vapes, have become increasingly popular among adults and youth.  This webinar course is designed to educate consumers and health professionals on the evolving landscape of ENDS use in the United States, including patterns of use among adults and youth.  The webinar will also review the health effects and the marketing tactics of the tobacco industry as they relate to ENDS.


Assisting Tobacco-Addicted Individuals with Tobacco Recovery

This webinar course is designed to equip peer recovery counselors/specialists and community health workers with the necessary knowledge and skills to assist and support other mental health consumers with quitting tobacco use. This webinar may be used to train fellow peers in a group or individual setting. Tobacco cessation is an important part of recovery.


Partnership with

Purdue University College of Pharmacy

Rethink Tobacco Indiana has partnered with the Purdue University College of Pharmacy to offer free continuing education (CE) opportunities to healthcare professionals on various tobacco cessation topics.

Click here to view the available tobacco cessation courses offered through Purdue.  First time users will be asked to create a new account to gain access, manage progress, and complete post-tests and evaluations after each module.  Purdue University College of Pharmacy is an equal access/equal opportunity institution.